When it comes to workout, bulking is a process of gaining weight by consuming more calories than the usual. Sounds like a bad idea, right? However, bulking up can be fun, and it also has its benefits. When you bulk, you get to eat more and be flexible with what you eat. The bonus part is you will be able to do higher intensity exercises that you can never do before. The bulkier you are, the stronger you get thanks to muscle growth and testosterone increase.

There are two types of bulking: The clean bulk and dirty bulk. Clean Bulk is a type of bulking where you have to eat lots of healthy foods to get more calories, which is essential for muscle buildup. Dirty bulk, however, is where you eat whatever you want be it healthy or unhealthy while training hard to gain muscle for a period of time.

A debate has sparked about which is better between the two. Today, we are going to see the difference between a clean bulk and a dirty bulk to help you out which one suits best for you.

Clean Bulk

Clean bulk involves consuming lots of healthy foods to gain more calories. Which means you need to munch on avocadoes for fat buildup, sweet potatoes to increase your carbs, and lots of meat such as turkey mince and ostrich steaks to increase your protein.

People that are following the clean bulk will do this in a controlled manner to avoid gaining unwanted fat, which will lead to weight gain. Clean bulk lets you control your calories easier thanks to the added maximum amount of muscle you built up while eating such foods.

Clean Bulk Disadvantages
Despite sounding great on paper, there are a few disadvantages for clean bulk.

  1. Time-consuming.
  2. Daunting to follow since you’ll be munching on ‘boring’ foods.
  3. In some cases, you will be consuming on foods that are labeled as ‘clean’ but are actually aren’t.

Dirty Bulk

Dirty bulk, on the other hand, involves consuming whatever food you want to eat without worrying about being fat or not. Being fat is part of the plan of dirty bulk because the calories you are consuming on the foods you eat help you get stronger despite gaining weight.

Dirty Bulk Disadvantages
Dirty bulk lets you increase your muscle strength and size quickly compared to clean bulk. However, dirty bulk also has its downsides just like clean bulk.

  1. You’ll gain more fat than you usually would.
  2. Your figure will look out of shape.
  3. You’ll be prone to various health complications depending on the food you ate.

The Last Option

But don’t lose hope. Because there actually is an effective way to stay lean while munching on your favorite cravings. Combining the best of both worlds is what you need to do, and this leads us to our third option.

It is indeed possible to watch our calorie count while still maintaining a desirable weight at the same time. If you do, you can enjoy your favorite dishes while gaining weight in a healthy and controlled manner. To do so, make a calorie target goal that you can maintain your weight for an entire year, and match this with the food you want to eat keeping an eye on how much calories it contains. After all, just opt for a diet that you’re comfortable with and then you’re good.