Weight loss doesn’t have to be so complicated. By doing simple changes to your eating habits and lifestyle, you will manage to lose weight safely while keeping it that way. Long-term weight loss and weight maintenance are usually accomplished when you lose weight in a slow and healthy pace, rather than a quick one. Below you will see simple, hassle-free, and painless weight loss strategies that surely work.

Easy Strategies in Weight Loss

1 – Don’t Forget Your Breakfast

breakfast healthy

Studies claim that people who regularly eat breakfast have lower BMI rates as compared to those individuals who skip it. Additionally, they perform better–be it at work, school, or even sports like wrestling). Make sure to consume highly nutritious food as you start your day.

2 – Be Mindful of Your Liquid Caloric Intake

Avoid sweetened drinks at all costs. Go for water, skim milk, a glass of low-calorie vegetable juice, or sparkling water with the addition of citrus. Moreover, merely limiting your alcohol intake or strictly leaving it for the weekends can significantly aid in weight loss.

3 – Avoid Late Night Snacking

Maintain a strict eating schedule. Do not fall into the temptation of snacking late night since this will most likely lead to weight gain. Brushing your teeth after dinner will make you less tempted to drink or eat anything else at night.

4 – Add More Fiber in Your Diet

fiber bread

Your tummy will fill up faster when you substitute whole grains for white bread, cookies, or cakes. By doing so, you will have better control over your portions. Other great substitutes are brown rice, bran flakes, whole wheat bread, and popcorn.

5 – Trim Down Your Portions

Merely switching to smaller cups, plates, or bowls may do you wonders. By cutting down your portions to about 10 to 20 percent, you will surely lose weight without having to exercise too hard or overexerting.

6 – Walk, Walk, Walk

Save up for a pedometer and slowly walk more and more each day until you reach 10,000 steps a day. By keeping yourself busy and remaining as active as you can throughout the day, you will have accumulated more levels than you expected. Go for an afternoon walk, take your dog out, do chores, or walk to and from work. You will be surprised by the results.

walking woman road

7 – Modify Your Environment

This technique isn’t usually mentioned, but it does lead to a lot of benefits. Do you love eat-all-you-can restaurants and heavily stocking your fridge? Adjust that. If you like the local buffet, be mindful of the food that you pick. Choose healthier food options for when you are re-stocking your refrigerator. Eat a healthy snack before going to a party so you won’t starve and later overeat while at the event. And if ever you are tempted to go and get more food, learn first to drink a glass of water and wait for about 15 minutes before deciding.


Weight loss doesn’t have to be so difficult. You can be creative and find the fun in it so that you will remain motivated throughout. By making these easy lifestyle tweaks, you will most definitely get back to your ideal weight and become even healthier in no time.