Hydrogen is everywhere. In fact, 75% of the particle mass of the entire universe is hydrogen. Various research has been conducted on molecular hydrogen and its benefits for humans. The results show that molecular hydrogen (H2) can treat over 60 human diseases. However, the study has shifted towards its purpose in fluid consumption and its benefits.

Which comes to a question if hydrogen does really provide benefits over normal water? Preliminary studies show that the benefits of hydrogen water are quite promising and can be essential to athletes and gym-goers alike.

Keep in mind that there is a vast difference between hydrogen and alkaline water. Don’t be fooled by some ‘experts’ saying that alkaline water does wonders to your health since there is no clear evidence that it provides ample amount of nutrients compared to purified tap water. The only good thing about alkaline water is its ability to reduce acid reflux disease symptoms.

Meanwhile, hydrogen water is kind of intriguing. There was a research conducted on a person with rheumatoid arthritis. In the study the person was told to drink only hydrogen water for 12 weeks. The results were like magic as the hydrogen water surprisingly cleared the symptoms, healing the patient.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Aside from that, there is plenty of benefits hydrogen water has in store, including:

  • Reduces oxidative stress thanks to its high antioxidant content
  • Protects neurons from deteriorating
  • Enhances cognitive function and prevents cognitive decline
  • Boosts performance for physically active people
  • Heals damaged tissues and reduces inflammation
  • Increases blood pH levels, great for metabolic acidosis treatment

Listed above are the benefits of hydrogen water the public have yet to hear about. Thanks to alkaline water’s clever marketing techniques, putting hydrogen water behind the race.

What Exactly is Hydrogen Water?

To keep things simple, hydrogen water is similar to carbonated water. Instead of H2, it contains CO2, making hydrogen water immersed with H2. Being the most abundant chemical found in the periodic table, hydrogen plays a vital role not only in nature but for the human body as well.

During standard pressure and temperature, hydrogen becomes a volatile and non-toxic gas that we often called it as ‘molecular hydrogen’ (H2), making it the smallest chemical substance to exist in the universe.

Here on earth, hydrogen is more prominent in organic molecules in the form of hydrocarbons and water. Without hydrogen, there would be no such thing as H2O.

How Its Made: Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is produced by a process called ‘electrolysis,’ which is a term for water ionization. However, the process is costly just for the sake of getting hydrogen water.

Therefore, a simpler and budget-friendly alternative was made. This is done by putting a metallic magnesium stick into purified water in order to create magnesium hydroxide and a hydrogen solution.

However, because of magnesium hydroxide’s strong antacid nature, it is insoluble in water and appears as a white solid.

How Do You Store Hydrogen Water?

Near-saturated water that contains hydrogen has approximately 1.6 parts per million of molecular hydrogen that dissolves into thin air and can diffuse no matter the container you put it in.

In most cases, hydrogen water should be consumed as quickly as possible before it disappears. After opening the bottle, tightly secure it to prevent air from kicking in that may dissipate the hydrogen inside. Preferably, hydrogen water should be stored inside a cool and dark place.

If ever you stumble upon hydrogen water in the supermarket, there’s a high chance that most of its hydrogen gas has already dissolved because of the time being stored in the shelves.

Hydrogen Water Vs. Alkaline Water

Alkaline water isn’t the same as water that’s saturated with H2. You can drink alkaline water even with low amounts of H2 since alkaline water can’t be inherently immersed with hydrogen gas. Alkaline water is essentially water with more more oxygen atoms than regular water. 

The main goal of hydrogen water is to fight the basis of illness and aging which is oxidation stress and inflammation. The body needs oxygen in order to survive but this oxidation also leads to free radicals in the body. 

Oxidation stress contributes to every human disease. Studies have shown molecular hydrogen to protect against oxidation. This is because as H2 enters the body it goes in search of these specific oxidation related free radicals in order to form H2O.