Hey there! My name is Dominic but everyone calls me “Dom.” Food is a huge part of my life and DomEats.com allows me to share my foodie experiences with the world.

My main inspiration for starting this blog is my family. My grandmother was the first person that introduced me to cooking. My first memories are cooking with her during Thanksgiving when I was roughly 4 years old. She let me peel potatoes and prep the food and showed me how simple ingredients formed a dish. It was like Magic!

Later on in life my Mom and Dad showed me more advanced techniques and allowed me to cook several meals at home. My Mom was more of a baker where-as my Dad was in love with Barbecue. If you’re lucky, I’ll share my Mom’s Whoopie pie recipe and how to make my Dad’s competition ribs.

All of these formative years resulted in a passion for cooking. With that said, I don’t have any formal training as a chef but life experience has to count for something! I hope to share my favorite recipes as well as food and nutrition related information you may find interesting.

Do you have a family recipe you’d like to share? If so I’d love to make it and share it on the blog! Feel free to get in touch.