How Long Does Red Bull Last? Expiration Explained

The brand name Red bull refers to a line of caffeinated energy drinks primarily marketed towards many different demographics in the western world. Originating in Austria, red bull’s flavoring has been modified to better suit the tastes of a western population, and as such possesses a relatively high amount of sugar1.

As red bull is an acidic drink and is most often stored in an air-tight metallic can, its shelf life is significantly longer than most other drinks one may find in the cooler section of their local grocery store2. Despite this, red bull is still perfectly capable of expiring, and as such it is important to take steps to preserve it when purchased in bulk.

Red bull can last for as long a period as twenty-four months so long as it remains within its can and the environmental conditions of its storage area are adequate enough. Factors such as extreme temperatures, high pressure or even damage to the can will significantly shorten red bull’s maximum possible shelf-life.

How Long Will Red Bull Last in the Pantry?

Since red bull can last a significantly long length of time left unattended within its can, choosing to store your red bull in the pantry is a completely understandable choice. 

However, as previously mentioned, certain factors that may be present within your pantry or cupboard can alter the taste of your red bull or even cause it to spoil prematurely. These environmental factors must be controlled for or otherwise avoided should you elect to store the red bull in these areas.

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The largest of these factors to consider is the presence of temperature, as a temperature that is too low may cause the can to rupture due to the liquid expanding if frozen. On the other hand, should the red bull be placed in a temperature that is far too high, it will grow stale, have its taste altered significantly, and possibly develop microbial cultures depending on whether it has been exposed to any.

Apart from either ends of temperature extremes, it is also ideal to store your red bull far away from direct sunlight as this will cause it to change at a chemical level. This is doubly as important if the red bull has been packaged in a glass bottle, as is more common in certain parts of the eastern hemisphere.

How Long Does Red Bull Stay Drinkable in the Fridge After Opening?

Since red bull retains its best quality so long as it remains unexposed to the open air by staying sealed within its can, opening a can of red bull will cause its shelf-life to drastically shorten. 

Because of this, it is best to store the can or bottle of red bull in your refrigerator in order to preserve its quality for as long as possible.

If the red bull was packaged in a glass bottle, simply replace the cap and leave in the darkest part of your fridge. If, on the other hand, the red bull was purchased in a can, it is best to wrap the top with foil or plastic cling wrap in order to protect it from the open air.

If stored in the proper conditions, red bull will last for up to four days in the refrigerator.

Can Red Bull be Frozen in the Can?

It is not advisable to freeze red bull within its original packaging as the process of freezing will cause the liquid within the glass or can to expand, potentially causing the container to explode once the red bull has been completely frozen.

It is possible, however, to chill your red bull to a pleasantly low temperature so long as you are careful not to leave it inside the freezer for too long. Approximately forty minutes to an hour should lower the temperature of your red bull to ideal levels without causing it to freeze solid.

Can Red Bull be Frozen Out of the Can?

Yes, as an alternative to simply placing the red bull in your refrigerator, you may also freeze the red bull as long as you follow the appropriate steps.

In order to freeze your red bull, you will require an ice-cube tray sufficiently large enough to contain the total volume of your red horse batch.

Open the cans or bottles of red beer and pour them evenly into the divots of the ice cube tray, ensuring that there is no overlap between each divot as this will cause the cubes to freeze into a single layer, making it harder to thaw them.

Place the ice-cube tray of red bull in the deepest part of your freezer, far from any sources of moving air such as a freezer vent or fan, as this will subject the red bull to freezer burn.

Keep in mind that storing red bull in this way will cause it to lose its carbonation and decrease its flavor somewhat. Choosing to freeze red bull should only be a viable course of action if your batch of red bull is nearing its expiration date, or you are otherwise making a red bull slushie.

It is also important to note that red bull will not freeze at the same temperature as water owing to the additives introduced into its formula. 

Ingredients such as sugar and salt will noticeably lower the point at which red bull will freeze, and as such the standard 32°F of most commercial home freezers will not be sufficient to completely freeze the red bull solid.

Signs that Red Bull has Gone Bad

It is quite difficult to tell whether red bull has begun to spoil if you have yet to open its container. The surest way to ascertain whether your red bull is still safe to drink is to check the expiration or best-by date printed on the outside of the can or bottle.

Though this date is generally a guideline and it is likely that your red bull is still drinkable several months after, it is best to proceed with caution.

Printed date aside, a yeast-like or alcoholic odor emanating from the liquid is also a sign of bacterial and fungal colonization and indicates that the drink should be disposed of. This is doubly so if floating or fuzzy masses begin to grow along the surface of the energy drink.


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